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Dr. Philip Chase

A medievalist with a PhD in English Literature, Philip Chase has taught courses on writing, medieval literature, and fantasy literature. He now makes his debut as an author with his highly anticipated fantasy novel, The Way of Edan.

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Author Philip Chase

A medievalist with a PhD in English Literature, Philip Chase has taught courses on writing, medieval literature, and fantasy literature, among other things. His special interests include Old English, Old Norse, Middle English, nineteenth-century medievalism, comparative mythology, and fantasy. Other inspirations include time spent in places like Germany, the United Kingdom, Nepal, and the Northeast and Northwest of the United States. His YouTube channel, “Philip Chase,” is dedicated to exploring fantasy literature, which is full of stories that reflect the full array of human experience and thus are worthy of critical exploration.

The Way of Edan

Map of Edan

The Kingdom of the Eternal will awaken when the Way of Edan holds sway over all of Eormenlond. So say the prophecies. With unrivalled power in the gift, the Supreme Priest Bledla leads Torrlond and its mighty army to convert rival kingdoms by the sword and by the fang.

Among the gathering resistance is the sorceress Sequara, whose mission is to protect her island and her Andumaic faith from the Torrlonders’ aggression.

As holy war looms over the kingdoms of Eormenlond, a chance encounter bestows a terrible curse upon a young man. Dayraven’s curse may decide Eormenlond’s fate. But first, with the help of unlikely friends, he must survive the shattering of his world.

Equal parts epic and lament, The Way of Edan is the lyrical opening of The Edan Trilogy.

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Book Two Available Now

Prophet of Edan Cover

Ruin follows in the wake of Torrlond’s victorious army and the beasts its priests enslave, leaving no corner of Eormenlond untouched by the inferno of its war. Kingdoms and tribes line up on opposing sides as the conflict rages, rekindling ancient hatreds and avenging old wrongs. As Dayraven struggles to contain the vast power of his curse, he and Sequara confront the destruction of all they hold dear. To salvage their world, they must sacrifice what most makes it precious. With twists as wrenching as they are unexpected, The Prophet of Edan reveals the War of the Way’s culmination.

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Mark Lawrence

"In The Way of Edan, Philip Chase has written a highly accomplished first novel. The storytelling is top-notch. There’s a gravitas in the writing that put me in mind of Tolkien, with definite shades of Katherine Kerr, along with John Gwynne. This is a novel born of love for the story."

Author of Prince of Thorns

John Gwynne

"What a wonderful read! Prose that is smooth and accessible, a world with a weight and depth to it, and a gripping and emotional story. There's a lot to love here. Lovely to see the Anglo-Saxon influences that gave me a real sense of time and place, and the storytelling was done with a deft, assured hand."

Author of The Faithful and the Fallen

Janny Wurts

"The Way of Edan encompasses an expanding war driven by voracious religious fanaticism. Young heroes emerge, bonded by loyalty, in an age of ripening prophecy. Traditional fantasy readers will find elves with a fresh spin expanding the familiar bounds of individuality, and women, old and young, who wield magic in positions of power."

Author of Wars of Light and Shadow

Ian C. Esslemont

"An impressive debut novel. Chase deftly weaves mystery and action with profound world-building. Deeply realized and compelling."

Author of Novels of the Malazan Empire